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Myriad Options for Adventures and Safari in UAE

In addition to cheap and affordable desert safari Dubai deals, other adventures guaranteed to give you a great time and an unforgettable travel experience are also offered. There are the Hatta Mountain tour, Dhow cruise dinner, and city tours in both Dubai and Abu Dhabi, among other options.

Explore the beauty of the desert and its secrets within. Get a taste of the distinctive Arabic traditions and culture and enrich your knowledge and experiences in life. So check our tour packages today, fill in the online booking form, and get ready for your next travel adventure.

Experience a surge of adrenaline and excitement with a Hatta mountain tour

Whether you are an adrenaline junkie searching for your next big adventure, or a first time visitor of the City of Gold, you are sure to find an adventure worth remembering for a lifetime with a Hatta tour from the leading tours company in the city today – Happy Tours.

Complete Hatta tour packages that give you the best value for your money

A Hatta tour is a half-day affair that will take you through the hidden beauty of the Hajar Mountains and the rustic charm of the old Hatta Villages that are sprinkled around the area. The adventure starts with a trip to the Hajar Mountains, located in the eastern part of the UAE. Riding the specially outfitted 4×4 vehicles, the experienced drivers will take you through rocky wadis and beautiful natural springs, allowing you brief glimpses of majestic rock formations that have been hemmed and hewn by time. Discover the lush beauty of the green landscape within the confines of the mountain, where it hides the wonders it has grown over the years. The Hatta mountain tour will also give you a chance to see the indigenous villages surrounding the area, as well as the fascinating dry riverbeds that swell generously during bouts of rain.

Cooling off in wadis of the Hatta Mountain

A morning spent driving across the rocky scenery can take its toll. If you want to refresh yourself, you can also swim in one of the wadis. Cool off and refresh yourself for the other adventures ahead.

Before the sun gets to its peak at noon, you will visit the internationally-renowned Hatta Fort, which was originally built in the 16th century. After a sumptuous lunch at the Fort Hotel, you will continue with the tour, with a visit to the imposing figure of the Hatta Water Dam, where you can take dramatic pictures of the landscape. Finally, the trip ends with a visit to the Carpet Market, where you can look around and shop for all kinds of hand-woven, one-of-a-kind carpet.

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