Introduction to the Technical Specifications of Borescopes Cameras

The digital camera used in your Borescopes is a special device which acts as the interface between the optical components and the display/control unit of the device. The housing of the camera is made of stainless steel metal with high water and shock proof characteristics. This unit can withstand high pressure and velocity of flowing liquids within the narrow pipelines with highest level of efficiency. The assembly also contains adapters, light sources fiber optic cables and the CMOS camera chip. They work in close interaction with each other to produce some of the top quality images and video footages for your inspection job. The main interface between the cameras and the display unit is the chip. This device can be programmed to enhance the resolution, magnification and other optical parameters.

Borescopes Camera Lens

The exterior lens used by the Borescopes camera is made of special material. This can capture high speed video and still footages with equal efficiency and clarity. The frame to frame movement between two successive image captures can be accurately controlled by the digital panel. That means you can get complete coverage of the inspection area interiors within the scope of camera view.

  • Objective Lens Connection: – The connectivity of the Borescopes camera lens with the objective lens is streamlined to produce high definition images during runtime. Exposing the combination toe LED light source reflected from the target object enhances the image capturing accuracy, speed and resolution characteristics. The end result you get at the display unit is filtered off all the aberrations, field curvature, coma error, astigmatism and other types of known optical defects. The advanced technology used in the Borescopes makes the seamless connection between the various optic components and the camera possible.
  • Mountable Video Camera: – Many of the latest models of Borescopes have combined the features of digital still camera with the video camera. However some of the advanced models also give you the option for using the separate mountable video camera with a coupler at the front end. This unit can capture real time footages from the inspection area and transmit them to the display unit. Here you will be able to save them into USB connected storage device.
  • Light Guide Assembly: – The light guide assembly used in the Borescopes has the unique properties of transmitting light from the LED to the target objects in the inspection area. The optic fiber cables originating from this assembly spread over to the various light sensitive parts of the Borescopes. They are highly useful for enhancing the image and video resolution, sharpness and optimizing the brightness and magnification factors.

Borescopes CMOS Chip

The CMOS chip used in the Borescopes is considered to be intelligent since it can be programmed. The original coding from the manufacturer is useful for controlling all the digitization and enhancement features of the images and video footages from the inspection area. You can also add extra coding to the chip for customizing its properties and functional standards according to your specific requirements of using the Borescopes.

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